Work With Us


 Volunteer & Staff Positions

We are recruiting for ongoing volunteers and staff to help in our new community. Needs vary from staffing programs, to fundraising and tabling at events.


Volunteers with our program help with everything from changing the lightbulbs, to sharing interests with children. Please fill out this form to express interest.

Working Committee Member


  • At least 10 hours monthly volunteer work
  • Attendance at monthly 1.5 hour work meetings (times flexible, usually weekdays) required.


  • Willingness to learn basic understanding of Sociocracy meeting procedures

Valued skill sets:

  • Nonprofit or other organizational experience
  • Accounting and finances
  • Small business experience
  • Contracting/ construction experience
  • Marketing / PR experience
  • Fluency explaining self-directed education

[Please fill out this application]8 to express interest.

Board of Directors


  • Annually commit to membership, prefer 2-3 years commitment if possible
  • Continued Membership on a Working Committee
  • Quarterly Board meetings: assume fiduciary responsibility for organization
  • Work on ad hoc committees as needed
  • Consider running for an officer position


  1. Basic understanding of self-directed educational philosophy: have read at least two of these books:
  2. Fundamental respect for the rights of children
  3. Willingess to learn and use Sociocracy meeting procedures.
  4. Willingness to learn and execute responsibilities of a nonprofit board member with ongoing training.

Valued Skill Sets:

  • Prior nonprofit board experience
  • Expertise in areas relevant to Pathfinder
  • Fundraising ability

Please fill out this application to express interest.