Pathfinder Community School: The Future of Education

YouTube Live presentation & Q&A with Pathfinder founders Hope Wilder and Dr. Kevin Currie-Knight.  Includes overview of Pathfinder project and research supporting self-directed education.

Please note: Information on this page is subject to change prior to February 2018, when our Fall 2018 annual enrollment will open and policies will be finalized.

Current as of 1/5/2018.


Enrollment & Opening Dates

We are now enrolling for a Spring Pilot Program at a smaller scale for shorter hours. We will begin enrolling in February 2018 for our Summer Camp in June 2018 building up to our grand opening in September 2018.




2400 Broad St, Durham, Suite 5 (rear entrance) will be our location beginning Jan 1, 2018. We're excited about the access to green space, the many rooms, and the historic nature of the space. There's even a public park with a creek just a short walk down the hill for us to play in! Check out our photo essay of the location here.


Student & Staff Numbers

Our goal is to open with a minimum 30 and maximum 45 students and 3-4 full time staff members, plus volunteers.


Age Range

For the first year we are focusing on meeting the needs of the 5-12 age group in deciding our location, staffing, and materials, though we are considering enrolling younger teens on a case by case basis up to age 14. Our eventual goal is to serve ages 5-18.

Our enrollment and admissions process will be finalized in February 2018.


Membership Fees

Please see our complete Fee Policy here.

Full annual membership for full-time attendees at Pathfinder is $12,500 per year plus 6 hours of community service.

Fee reduction is available for most families, along with significant sibling fee reduction.

Estimate your fees here

Support fee reductions by making a donation.


The center will most likely be open from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm and will operate in a 16 week fall session, and a 16-week spring session with additional summer camp on a week-by-week basis.

Members may arrive any time before 10:00 am to hear daily announcements, and there is no compulsory attendance.

Depending on demand, we may offer after-care until 5 pm for an additional fee.

If you're looking for a drop in, part time home school center that offers classes in specific subjects, we recommend Dimensions Family School.

Attendance Policy

We value the strong sense of community that is created by consistency in attendance. At the same time, we value consent and a non-compulsory attendance policy.

All members of Pathfinder must be registered with the state of their residence as homeschoolers. We can help with registration in North Carolina.

We ask members to arrive or notify of absence on their scheduled days by 10:00 am for daily announcements. Members are encouraged to attend on Wednesdays to participate in community governance.

A more detailed attendance policy will be available in February 2018.

Why not a school? [Read our blog post here.]

Staff Positions

We are not hiring at this time. When we are ready to hire (likely May-June of 2018) we will be looking first at people who have read all of our available materials, deeply understand the educational model, and have shown commitment to the project by helping to get it off the ground. If you are interested in staffing eventually, the first step is to come to a public meeting to meet founders and learn more about the project.

You can fill out our Volunteer Interest form if you are interested in staff, board, or volunteer positions.