Pathfinder Community Values



We value the human rights of all people, including children.


People learn to make good decisions by being trusted to decide for themselves.


Community limits on behavior should be clear, transparent, and consented to. 


We value conscious culture creation, and balance the needs of the community with the needs of the individual.

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What makes Pathfinder unique?


Time to Play, Time to Learn

Research shows that the best learning happens when people are free to pursue their own interests.

Age Mixing

Members have the freedom to associate with people of all ages.

All Pursuits are Equal

There are no tests, grades, or required curricula. Classes are held by request only.

We are committed to a 1:12 maximum adult to child ratio. We follow self-directed education philosophy with a great degree of freedom of choice in daily activities. You can read more on our Philosophy page for details about our model and tools.

How do I join?

We are now accepting applications for our 2019-20 Program.

Community Details

Age Range

We currently offer membership for children 5-14.

Member Numbers & Staff Ratios

We are committed to a 1:12 maximum adult to child ratio, and most days we are closer to 1:8 including volunteers. Our current maximum capacity is for 36 children and 3-6 staff members.


We are open Monday-Friday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

After-care may become available until 5:30 pm for an additional fee, depending on sufficient interest.

Our program calendar is available here.

Visiting Policy

We welcome visitors at our Open Houses, and by appointment.


Our current calendar can be found here.

Attendance Policy

Our part-time slots are now full. New members are welcome to attend on a part-time basis, but we can only offer enrollment at full-time rates currently.

All members of Pathfinder must be registered with the state of their residence as homeschoolers. We can help with registration in North Carolina.

Members may arrive any time before 10:30 am to hear daily announcements, and are asked to stay through 2:30 pm to participate in Chore Time. Membership will be reviewed if a member attends fewer than 10 full days in a given month.

We ask members to arrive or notify of absence on their scheduled days by 10:00 am.

Members are required to attend on Wednesdays to participate in community governance.

Registering as a Homeschooler

Pathfinder is classified as a homeschool resource center. Because of this, your child will have to be registered as a homeschooler in order to join our learning community.

The registration process is simple and record-keeping is easy. Our staff can help you with any aspect of the process that you find confusing or need some assistance with.

To find out more about the process of becoming a homeschooler in North Carolina, click here.

To access attendance paperwork provided by the state, click here.

Testing Requirements for the State of NC

North Carolina currently requires all children aged 7 and up to take yearly achievement tests. Pathfinder can help you find a test that suits your child’s needs, and can help you administer the test in our low-pressure environment if needed. Please note that as of this time we do not pay testing fees, only help in finding and administering tests.

Membership Fees

Pathfinder is an inclusive learning community. We strive to make our programs accessible for all income levels.

We use a sliding scale fee system. Fees are indexed according to income level, days attending, and number of siblings per family. Please call us at 919-908-6526 to learn more about our fee scale.

Support fee reductions by making a donation.

Schedule a Visit

The best way to learn about our program is to attend a public event, or visit during program hours.

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