Estimating Your Membership Fees

The scale below is to help you make plans; it serves as a rough estimate only.  Fees are not final until both parties sign an enrollment contract.


We use an indexed fee system, this means that our fees vary according to:

  • Days attending per week
  • Family income
  • Number of siblings in family

We want Pathfinder to be a possibility for everyone, and indexed fees help to make this program available to more families.

Support indexed fees by making a donation.

Where did we get these numbers?

We look to similar programs nearby and across the country- Agile Learning Centers, homeschool centers, and democratic free schools.

The Circle School in Harrisburg is over 30 years old, and serves a mid-size city of similar income range, and has a similar aim. We want our enrollment demographics to look like theirs, so we are following their fee scale formula. Read more about Circle School Alumni statistics.

circle school income demographics.png