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Spring Pilot Program

We're so excited to start playing, hanging out, and creating culture with free young people in our new location!

Our spring pilot program will be limited to 12-20 children ages 5-14.

Dates & Times:

 April 2nd-May 31st, 2018

3 days/ week, Tuesdays-Thursdays

9:30 am -1:30 pm

Enrollment opens January 5th. Enrollment for summer camp and fall programs will open in February 2018, spring program attendees will have the right of first refusal to spots in the summer and fall program.

Admissions interviews will be scheduled for February and March, up to the opening date.

Fee Scale:

We are experimenting with a simplified tiered fee scale for the 9 week program, as we value accessibility and affordability. (We still plan to use the sliding scale on this page when we start longer hours in the Fall.) However, as startup, we have to be mindful to cover our costs, and we've formulated our budget using this session to boost our startup fund. Please consider making as generous an offer for our program as your family is able.

$65 per child per day (generous fee)- $1755 total

$50 per child per day (full fee) - $1350 total

         $35 per child per day (financial aid) - $935 total

If this fee scale doesn't work for your family, please do fill out the form and let us know what you are able to offer, and we'll use that as a starting point for discussion with our financial aid committee. We're committed to making this program work, especially for families who understand our philosophy and are willing to grow alongside us.

Enrollment Process (per child):

1. Fill out application form:

2. Pay application fee of $25.00  (plus $1.05 online transaction fee)

Pay Enrollment Fee Online
  • .) Or mail a check for $25.00 to:

Pathfinder Community School

2400 N Broad St, Ste 5

Durham, NC 27704

3. Admissions interview-  scheduled upon acceptance of application and fee.

  • We prefer that all parents attend if possible.
  • Bring questions and concerns.
  • Discuss financial agreements.

4. If family and Pathfinder agree to fitness of program and child: Sign enrollment papers, make a non-refundable deposit ($150; one week's worth of fees.)


We look forward to reviewing the applications, and will be scheduling in-person interviews in February and March.

Questions? Send us an email-