Enroll now for our grand opening: August 2018!

We're excited to launch our innovative approach to self-directed education in August of 2018!  Full time and part time options are available.

Join now and help us launch this exciting new alternative!

Pathfinder Program Details

Age Range

For the first year we are focusing on meeting the needs of the 5-14 age group.

Member & Staff Ratios

Our goal is to open with a minimum 30 and maximum 45 members and 3-4 full time staff members, plus volunteers.


Monday-Friday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Members may arrive any time before 10:00 am to hear daily announcements, and there is no compulsory attendance.

We ask members to arrive or notify of absence on their scheduled days by 9:00 am.

Optional after-care is available until 5 pm for an additional fee.


Our detailed 2018/2019 calendar can be found here. We will operate from August 27th, 2018 to June 7th, 2019.

Attendance Policy

Part-time membership: 3-4 days/ week Full time membership: 5 days/ week

All members of Pathfinder must be registered with the state of their residence as homeschoolers. We can help with registration in North Carolina.

Members are encouraged to attend on Wednesdays to participate in community governance. Part-time members may not have the same opportunity to participate in governance as full time members.

Membership Fees

We use an indexed fee system. Fees are indexed according to income level, days attending, and number of siblings per family.

We strive to make Pathfinder a possibility for families of all income ranges, balanced with requesting sufficient funding to create an inspiring environment for our learning community.

Estimate your fees here

Support fee reductions by making a donation.

Enrollment Process


1. Fill out application form.

2. Pay application fee

$25.00 per child  (plus online transaction fees)

Pay Application Fee Online

 Or mail a check for $25.00 per child to:

Pathfinder Community School

2400 N Broad St, Ste 5

Durham, NC 27704

3. Financial Assessment

We ask for financial information from all applicants' families to support a wide range of incomes and financial situations. Please fill out the fee assessment form below. Our Finance Committee may ask for additional information, such as prior year tax returns.

4. Admissions interview

Interviews are scheduled upon receipt of completed application and fee. The interview is to open lines of communication, and ensure that Pathfinder and the family have enough information to decide: do we think this is a good fit?

  • We prefer that all parents/ legal guardians attend if possible.
  • Please bring questions and concerns.

After the interview, Admissions Committee may award prospective members a visiting week. At this point the Finance Committee will let the family know what fee level we can offer the family at this time. 

5. Visiting Week

We ask that all new members complete a visiting week before signing a contract. This ensures that the community, family, and child can get a feel for how a longer term commitment would work out. For part-time members and full time members, a "visiting week" is 5 consecutive days attending our program for at least 4 hours.

  • Pay visiting week fee ($150)
  • After visiting week, check in with family and child to review how it went, and how to proceed next.

6.  Sign Enrollment Contract

Once Pathfinder and the family agree it is a good fit, an enrollment contract is prepared and signed.


Questions? Send us an email- info@pathfindercommunityschool.com