Ready to Enroll?

Interested in enrollment? Please read through our enrollment process and membership fees below first. Schedule an in-person visit or ask questions here.

We are accepting applications for 2019-2020 full-time memberships.

Enrollment Process

 1. Fill out application Forms:

Pathfinder is committed to building and supporting a community with a wide range of incomes and financial situations. Keep in mind that slots may not be available in all income brackets at this time.

Please refer to our Membership Fee Calculator and use it to fill out the fee assessment form.


$25.00 per child  (plus online transaction fees)

Pay Application Fee Online

 Or mail a check for $25.00 per child to:

Pathfinder Community School
2400 N Broad St, Ste 5
Durham, NC 27704

3. Admissions interview

Interviews are scheduled upon receipt of completed application and fee. The interview is to open lines of communication and to ensure that Pathfinder and the family have enough information to decide: do we think this is a good fit?

  • We prefer that all parents/legal guardians attend if possible.

  • Please bring questions and concerns.

After the interview, Admissions Committee may invite prospective members to proceed with the enrollment process.


After the admissions interview, all new members must complete one visiting week. After a successful week, they may be invited to join by consent of members and staff.

5.  Sign Enrollment Contract

Once Pathfinder and the family agree it is a good fit, an enrollment contract is prepared and signed.


Questions? Send us an email-

Building an Inclusive Community

Pathfinder is an inclusive community of self-directed learners. Our indexed membership fees help to make this program available to a wide variety of families from diverse financial circumstances. Family financials are assessed and fees are offered by the Membership Fee Committee, which is tasked with balancing Pathfinder’s financial stability with our desire to serve a diverse community.

If your family and Pathfinder are a good fit for each other, we will do our best to ensure the fees support both the family’s and the program’s financial situations.

Membership priority is available to current Members as well as new full-time Members satisfied with the indexed fees calculated below. Full-time attendance is five days/week for nine months of program services (for the “annual fee” multiply monthly fee by 10).
The scale below is to help you make plans. The Membership Fee Committee has the final say over what fee amounts we can offer based on our budget and current membership. Fees are not final until both parties sign a membership agreement.

Support indexed fees by making a donation.

Where did we get these numbers?

We look to similar programs nearby and across the country- Agile Learning Centers, homeschool centers, and democratic free schools.

The Circle School in Harrisburg is over 30 years old, and serves a mid-size city of similar income range, and has a similar aim. We want our enrollment demographics to look like theirs, so we are following their fee scale formula.

             Read more about Circle School Alumni statistics.