Durham's First Alternative to School.


Pathfinder is a self-directed learning community for ages 5-14.

We support self-directed learning, like many unschooling families and homeschool self-directed learning centers.

We support self-governance, akin to Agile Learning Centers, Sudbury schools, and democratic free schools.

At Pathfinder, each member is: 

  • free to choose their daily activities,
  • responsible for their choices, actions, & education,
  • and empowered to participate in fair and transparent school governance.

What does a typical day at Pathfinder look like? The sky's the limit.



What makes Pathfinder unique?


Time to Play, Time to Learn

Research shows that the best learning happens when people are free to pursue their own interests.

Age Mixing

Members have the freedom to associate with people of all ages.

All Pursuits are Equal

There are no tests, grades, or required curricula. Classes are held by request only.


Upcoming Events