Estimating Your Tuition

We value accessibility as well as accountability in our family tuition agreements.

Full annual tuition for full-time students at Pathfinder is $12,500 per year plus 6 hours of community service. Tuition assistance is available for most families, along with significant sibling tuition reduction. The calculator below should give you a rough estimate of what tuition to expect for your family after applying for tuition assistance.

Please note the above calculator does not factor in the following:

The additional sibling discount for over $150K/ year is outlined as follows.

$150-200K: Monthly rates:   1st student : $ 1,333     2nd:  $ 440     3rd: $ 275

                    Annual rates:     1st student: $12,000      2nd: $3690    3rd: $2475   

$200-300K   Monthly rates:   1st student:  $ 1,333      2nd: $ 975      3rd: $ 380

                     Annual rates:     1st student: $12,000     2nd: $8775      3rd: $3420