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Ken Robinson narrates this fantastic overview of Sudbury Valley School. Taken from, 01/09/09: School Matters - Tomorrow's Teacher, Tomorrow's School

This video is a glimpse into the life of Sudbury Valley School. Enter a world of young people who are exuberant about their lives, and are fully in control of their education. We hope you will enjoy their spirit, their focus, and above all their intensity in pursuing their passions.

What happens after graduating from a Sudbury School? The sky's the limit. This video includes interviews with some of Hudson Valley Sudbury School graduates.

"As Chairman of the School Meeting, I am essentially the Chief Executive Officer of the school." This video details the democratic structure of Sudbury Valley'sweekly School Meeting, at which each student and staff member has one vote.



Freedom to Learn: Dr. Peter Gray's blog
Peter Gray is a professor in psychology, renowned child development expert, self-directed learning advocate, and the father of an SVS alum and staff member, Scott Gray.

Recommended articles:

Sudbury Valley Online Library
Videos, articles, and email discussions by founders, staff, students about the school experience and philosophy.

Recommended articles:


Well-built and researched study of history of compulsory education, and a persuasive call to arms for a self-directed education revolution. Formative in Pathfinder School founders' thinking.

Free at Last by Daniel Greenberg
Overview of Sudbury Valley school by founder and former physics teacher. Provides slice-of-life as well as applied philosophy and history of school.

Legacy of Trust by Greenberg and Sadofsky
Comprehensive study with in-depth interviews of the first generations of Sudbury Valley alumni.


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