Enrollment & Opening Dates

We will begin enrolling in February 2018 for our grand opening in September 2018.


Student & Staff Numbers

Our goal is to open with a minimum 30 and maximum 45 students and 3-4 staff members.



We are currently seeking a location to lease for our school in Durham near major transportation corridors. 

See our "Site Wish List" for more info.



Please see our complete Tuition Policy here.

Full annual tuition for full-time students at Pathfinder is $12,500 per year plus 6 hours of community service.

Tuition assistance is available for most families, along with significant sibling tuition reduction.

Estimate your tuition here

Why not become a charter school and avoid tuition?

We are aware of the difficulty of paying tuition, but there are many concerns about opening a self-directed school as a charter. To accept public funding, we would be responsible to the state for annual compulsory testing, and for covering required state and national curriculum. This would require classes, tests, grades, and would undermine the core philosophy of the school.


The school will be open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and will follow Durham County Public School 2018/2019 traditional calendar.

Students may arrive any time before 10:30 am and may leave after 2:00 pm.

Depending on demand, we may offer after-care until 5 pm for an additional fee.

If you're looking for a drop in, part time home school center, we recommend Dimensions Family School.

Attendance Policy

Our attendance policy is shaped by requirements of NC truancy law. In addition, we value the strong sense of community that is created by consistency in attendance.

Full Time Students:

Ages 7 and up are required by law to attend school at least 25 hours/week, 5 hours/day over 5 days. Please see below for exceptions.

Part-Time Students:

Ages 5-7 may attend half-time at minimum 12 hours a week over 4-5 days at scaled tuition.

Ages 7 and up may attend part time for 4 days, Monday-Thursday at 20 hours/ week, 5 hours/ day ONLY IF they are registered with your state of residence as full time homeschool students.

Absences: Up to 10 personal absences are allowed per student per school year. Medical absences must be accompanied by a written excuse. Family vacations and events such as weddings which are planned in advance count as personal absences.

Staff Positions

We are not hiring at this time. When we are ready to hire (likely May-June of 2018) we will be looking first at people who have read all of our available materials, deeply understand the educational model, and have shown commitment to the project by helping to get it off the ground. If you are interested in staffing eventually, the first step is to come to a public meeting to meet founders and learn more about the project.

You can apply to be part of our advisory committee as well.