A Dynamic Approach to Self-Directed Education for Ages 5-18.


Our vision is to help children to grow into curious, confident & capable adults with the resilience & initiative to act with integrity in a changing world.

Coming to Durham: Fall 2018.



What makes Pathfinder unique?


Time to Play, Time to Learn

Participants have abundant time to explore the world and follow their interests.

Age Mixing

Participants have the freedom to associate with people of all ages.

All Pursuits are Equal

There are no tests, grades, or required curricula. Classes are held by request only.



Educational research supports that people learn best when motivated by their own interest. Left to their own devices, students will inevitably explore the world, create, and follow their curiosity wherever it leads.

Join us

Come to our events to meet founders and learn more about the school. Check out our wish list, and fill out our survey for prospective families.